Friday, October 1, 2010

Test Knitting

This summer I had the opportunity to test knit for the first time. It was a lot of fun, and I hope I'll be able to do it again.

The first pattern I test knitted was the Curatio Shawl for Kirsten at Through the Loops.

The pattern was great - it has three different (but easy!) lace patterns and they are separated by garter stitch bands. The pattern never gets boring, and is very enjoyable.

On the first lace section, the lace pattern is worked on every row. I'd never done this before and was a bit worried, but it was really quite easy.

I used a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy, and this is some of the best sock yarn out there - so soft and the colors are beautiful!

My second test knit was also for Kirsten. I was so happy to get to test here gorgeous Snow Drop and Snap Peas shawl.

This was my first time knitting a semi-circular shawl, and I can't wait to knit another one.

The pattern was quite easy and enjoyable. The rows toward the end get very long with 400 - 500 stitches, but it's totally worth it!

I used Araucania Ranco for this one, and forgot to check my yardage. I ran out of yarn about 4 rows from finishing the shawl, but thanks to a fellow Raveler was able to procure another skein. The lesson here - all sock yarns are not equal! Some have less than 400 yards in a skein, though it can be hard to remember when so many have 400 yards plus. You will definately need at least 400 yards to finish this shawl.

My third test knit was for Oiyi.

This is her newly released LaReine Shawl. I loved knitting this pattern. The lace is easy but not boring, and I especially love the beautiful pattern that forms around the shawl's spine.

This was my first time using Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn, and it's a great yarn. It's quite soft and wonderful to work with. I've got two more skeins of it in the same color, so I'm sure I'll be using it again. I had a very small ball of yarn left after finishing the shawl.

Happy October! I really don't know how September went by so quickly, but fall is in full swing now, and I'm loving it! And today is the start of Socktoberfest and the Through the Loops Mystery Sock KAL. Hopefully I'll be able to complete the pair this month and maybe even finish my Cubist Socks: